Freerunner production…

16 years ago, at the start of June | Leave a Comment

Go! Go! Go!

“The latest update I have from the factory indicates that mass Production (that means running the SMT line without stopping to check stuff every two seconds) has been CLEARED TO START.”


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June 5, 2008 17:16



The theme of the day…

16 years ago, at the end of April | 6 Comments

So, a couple more changes and updates to my images. First of all I’ve taken out the Oh-puzzles because they don’t work due to this bug – once that’s sorted they’ll go back in.theme changer There’s a new little script too which allows you to switch themes. I’ve removed some of the themes that are installed by default essentially because the panel in the top right dies and never returns if you try to use them. So at the moment you get to pick between Moko, ScaredyCat and the original Openmoko theme, openmoko-standard-2. By default the ScaredyCat theme is active. So, no excuses now. Get designing some killer themes.

The next change is due to a request from Taki asking for tangogps to be preconfigured to use the sd card for map and track storage. So now, by default, maps on my builds are stored in:


and track logs are stored in


This should be a little more useful and wont fill up your flash with tiles.


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April 25, 2008 13:25



Just a little easier…

16 years ago, at the end of April | 6 Comments

I’ve made quite a few changes and a couple of additions to my images of late. You may have noticed the new boot logo, the new startup sound and the new theme now there are a couple more goodies. First of all the two new applications, well one application and one script. The Bluetooth Keyboard application (really the script) is a two new applicationssimple shell script that hunts for bluetooth keyboards and connects to the first one it finds. If bluetooth is off it turns it on. If I can get zenity to compile properly this will be a much better script. The next item is the Twitter client, GtkTwitter, It’s very basic but it works pretty well. I had to make a couple of modifications to the icons so you could actually poke them with your fingers.

Next up we have a little script that starts on boot, checks to see if you have the gllin ipk ( gllin_1.0+r350-r0_fic-gta01.ipk ) in the root of your sd card. If it’s there it will automatically get installed for you – Very useful post-flash. The script will also replace the standard gllin script with the one from the tangogps site. Why? Well, because tangogps and gpsd are in the image too! Shortly, I’m hoping to provide a pre-downloaded series of tiles for download too. The good news is now you can have gps and a gps application ready for you immediately. Oh one last thing. If you create a directory on your sd card called local you can create bin and/or sbin directories and have applications run straight from there – all those little utils you need to install again after each flash now have a permanent home.

All of these are part of the image, you do not need to install anything extra, unless you want to 😀

Update: The bluetooth keyboard script is much more wizzy now that I’ve added Zenity to the image and use that so you can now pick the keyboard you want to connect to from the list of devices. I’ve also added some notify calls so that you can see what is going on during the script.

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April 22, 2008 20:36



Is 3g an important feature?

16 years ago, at the start of April | 27 Comments

A discussion started yesterday on the irc channel with regard to 3g. Most people had made their mind up but we really wanted to see what others thought too. So, to find out how everyone else feels here is a little, totally unofficial poll.

Would you buy a device after the GTA02 that did not have 3g?

  • GPRS is not enough but 3G isn't necessary. EDGE would be okay, too. (16%, 174 Votes)
  • I don't know. (8%, 87 Votes)
  • No. 3g is essential. (48%, 533 Votes)
  • Possibly. If there were enough features added to make upgrading worth it. (14%, 158 Votes)
  • Yes. GPRS and WiFi are fine. (15%, 168 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,120

Loading ... Loading ...

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April 7, 2008 10:34



Changing device names…

16 years ago, at the end of March | Leave a Comment

Some of you may have noticed that that Neo1973 device names have changed from fic-gta01 and fic-gta02 to om-gta01 and om-gta02 in openembedded. Some of you may have missed this and its implications. Essentially all references to fic-gta* have been changed so your old images will try, for example, to grab updates from the fic-gta folders of buildhosts and will probaly fail. While this might be a little annoying now, changing the device names in the future would have probably been much more of a nightmare.

I have decided to move my original OM-2007.2 directory to OLD-OM2007.2-FIC so that you can still get old files if you run older images. The OM-2007.2 directory on my buildhost will now be for om-gta0* images and packages.

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March 29, 2008 10:29

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