Rio / DDAR Made useful once more.

17 years ago, mid-November | Leave a Comment

Previously I’d talked about slimrio, software that enabled the DDAR/Rio to talk to Slimserver. Now that I have it installed I can say that it works, to some degree. The slimrio software was a doddle to install, basically requiring nothing more that untaring the slimrio root filesystem over the existing one. Rebooting the DDARs resulted in a rather swish looking logo sliding in from the right, followed by some author info, also sliding in. This, I thought, was a good sign. Unfortuneately the DDAR screen is only a fraction of the size of a real Slim devices player so everything beyond that looks dire. It’s usable, but my wife is never going to like it or get used to it at all. Thankfully the solution appears to be a Nokia 770 web tablet. The slimserver allows its layout to be configured one of those options is Touch, making the software very usable from a Nokia 770.

Nokia 770

Once I’d got AlienBBC installed and the streams set up everything worked as planned. While the interface isn’t perfect it certainly makes slimserver usable with the DDARs. I can now put my plans to buy the overpriced $299 Slim devices players on hold, in favour of the 5 DDARs I have and a couple of the, now reduced in price, Nokia 800’s.



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November 10, 2007 17:02



RIO / DDAR and SlimRio

17 years ago, at the end of October | 2 Comments

For the longest time I’ve been using a selection of Rio Receivers, affectionately known as the DDAR (Dell Digital Audio Receivers, because Dell briefly sold them too) for my mp3 collection. Initially I had to use the supplied Windows server software, it was almost completely useless with a collection the size of mine and couldn’t be run as a service, so I ended up trying another application, MediaNet. It was streets ahead. I even wrote a short review for automatedhome. The problem was, however, that when I moved to solely using Linux I couldn’t run it. I suppose I could have created a VMWare image and run it in that, but that wasn’t really an acceptable solution for me. In the end I reverted to the very basic solution provided by Jeff Mock. It worked, but was just very very basic.

So today, as I learn of SlimRio I’m very pleased indeed. SlimRio allows you to use the slimserver software to control and play music on the Rio / DDAR. I can’t wait to restart my music server build project based on slimserver, rios and the odd Nokia 770

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October 25, 2007 12:26

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