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15 years ago, at the start of March | 2 Comments

Yesterday the Current Cost unit actually got installed for real, something I was dreading. Dreading not because it was a difficult thing to do but simply because I expected the figure it would show would be terrible. Guess what, it wasn’t. In fact it seemed to be fairly close to that of other people who are monitoring theirs. The initial figure of 371 Watts didn’t last too long once the dishwasher and oven came on and an interesting spike appeared when the hob went on for the kettle.

Continuing with my sudden graphing fetish, as well as using a Current Cost unit I have dotted a number of little devices I’ve built with Xbee and Arduinos to measure temperatures (and other things) around the house. More information on those will come out later, but it’s an interesting project too.

Since I have the data for those it’d be rude not to graph them too, there’s a sample in the thumbnails below.

Not content with graphing them locally I picked up a Pachube invite and started graphing data there too. The process is simple really and as you can see on the right hand side of this page under ‘Graphy Stuff’, graph images can be embedded in your own or other sites. The really interesting thing about Pachube is that you can share your data with people who may be interested. The data they get to see is delayed by approximately 15 minutes. If you output your data in the eeml format then you can specify your own tags too.

Electricity Usage GraphTemperature in the garage

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March 1, 2009 8:47


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  1. Weylan Wang on February 4, 2010 22:22

    I am looking to do some of the exact same stuff.

    I have just started exploring jeenode to go wireless though instead of xbee.

    I want to read 3-5 1wire weather sensors.
    As well as monitor some of my solar power generated info.

    I was wondering if you have or would not mind sharing the code and some pictures of what you created?

    I was looking to get some of this mounted in some of the airwick containers for some nice placement in visual locations.

    Currently I use graphy stuff like
    Which just uses a regular 1 wire network to get the data.

    But I want to get wireless(jeenode) and get temperature.
    I also want to go wireless (jeenode) and get voltage.

    And then graph all of this like you are doing.

    Got any more hints?

    I went with the Jeenode, because of the range is good for what I want, and the cost is much lower entry.

  2. Weylan Wang on February 4, 2010 22:30

    I also got a plug in EV modification, for a prius.
    And one of the things that I would like to do is do remove voltage monitoring of the charge state of 2 batteries that are in the car while it is charging, and these arduino modules and volatage monitor using the jeenode will be ideal.

    They will also save me a trip to the car to turn it off while charging.

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