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Having the IMIV in the car makes driving around much more fun but up until recently I had my iPhone and prior to that my iPod Classic flapping about on the passenger seat. It worked but wasn’t particularly elegant and of course the moment I had a passenger in the
car there was a problem. This week I finally broke and decided to sort out the problem. To be honest I was looking for something cheap and functional. A quick search lead me to the JO BLACK from x castro design. This is a rather simple frame with what I can only describe as a bulldog clip on the back. The JO works rather simply. You squeeze the clip to open it and slip it onto one of your car air vents. Your iPod or iPhone or other device slips into it, gently held by the neoprene arms. The arms can be bent to allow more or less grip, so, although it seems to be an iPhone or iPod holder it isn’t just that, it can safely hold pretty much any handheld device – within reason of course. The fact that it has an open base means I can have the IMIV cable connected with no issues.

The JO is available with the neoprene in one of 7 colours, the base frame is always black but the colour range is varied enough for most tastes.

If you’re looking for a passive holder for your phone or music player then for the money the JO series suit. One thing I did notice when looking at the pricing on their site compared to Amazon was that although the x castro site and Amazon prices matched (after shipping), there seemed to be no way to select the free shipping for the UK. The 3 options in the dropdown box all added more to the price.

Front viewFront viewSide viewAngle sideWith battery


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November 1, 2008 14:37


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