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A couple of my colleagues are currently in Taipei attending Computex 2008. There seem to be quite a few eeepc clones and look alikes. Gigabyte Nick is uploading photos to Picasa if you want to take a look – there’s an eeepc album too. Unfortuneately it’s a fairly slow process since it appears he can only upload 5 pictures at a time for some odd reason. ASUS also have a neat GPS unit (R710) with an optional HUD, though he wasn’t sure if some sort of film would be needed on your windscreen to be sure of contrast. There are a couple of pictures of it in the GPS album. There are some exciting new products appearing so keep an eye out for updates. He also stopped by the FIC stand to ask about the Freerunner and Openmoko but, in his words:

“I asked and they said no very dismissively”

which is a huge shame really. They may be different companies (FIC is the parent iirc) but they really should at least try to fein enthusiasm – this is a trade show after all , they are supposed to be trying to get people interested in product. It simply reflects badly on FIC imho.


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June 4, 2008 11:26


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