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14 years ago, at the end of March | 8 Comments

..or is it actually faster than the default theme? Once I’ve ironed out everything I’ll proably be pushing this as the default theme on my own images.

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The theme is fairly basic, but removes most of the images which should help with resources and I think, make the Neo more responsive.

The theme itself is based on “Clearlooks-DarkCoffee” by Franco Gotusso (sorry no link). Essentially I’ve merged bits from the original Openmoko theme and the Clearlooks-DarkCoffee themes picking the parts I wanted from each, but with the primary goal of making thinks work faster.

update: I’ve been getting requests for the theme so I am making is available for download, although it is a work in progress so will change in the future. When you untar the archive it will create an openmoko-standard-2 folder, replace the existing one in /usr/share/themes/ on your Neo1973.

Today screenDailer screenApplication list screenTaking a snapshot


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March 22, 2008 20:25


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8 Comments so far

  1. Martin S. on March 23, 2008 01:22

    I like the new theme, MUCH sexier than the old one with gradients.

  2. MaBl on March 23, 2008 10:38

    Indeed, it is so much sexier. Keep up the good work!

  3. thos on March 23, 2008 14:36

    You realise that is not actually Clearlooks – it’s the default GTK+ theme. You’ll find there are errors on the console if you are trying to use a theme engine that is not installed.

  4. Mickey on March 23, 2008 18:38

    Awesome. We should have this upstream and in OE. I also like the colorful applet icons. Could you send us all that goodness?

  5. ScaredyCat / Andy Powell on March 23, 2008 23:45

    I’ve created 2 bug reports on bugzilla, 1293 for the theme and 1291 for the applet icons.

  6. Thomas Wood » Blog Archive » Brand New Moko Theme (Idea) on April 2, 2008 21:55

    […] by ScaredyCat’s discovery that the default GTK+ theme was much faster on the Neo1973 than the current pixbuf based theme […]

  7. dr gambler on May 4, 2008 04:00

    omg…i didnt realise the Neo would be this slow and painful to use. TY for saving me 399

  8. ScaredyCat / Andy Powell on May 4, 2008 11:37

    It’s not that slow in use to be honest. Once applications like the dialer have started once the next time you select the icon it’s pretty instant. That’s similar to my p910i where the first time you select an application it launches and fro then on it simply switches to the application.

    The boot time is poor, but the idea is that you don’t boot it from cold, you get it to sleep in which case you’re talking 2-3 seconds (if that).

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