I’d noticed that one of the developers had added a dependency on gpsd to the image build. Unfortunately gpsd depends on python-ncurses when you use –python in the build. While I’m sure they tested first, there is no .bb for python-ncurses in oe dev. Since this is preventing me building I am removing the dependency on gpsd from my builds. This allows me to build as normal. It is also preventing the build of gpsd but older versions should still work.

This should only affect people who build from oe dev and not the om version and should be fixed at some point. Although I am unsure as to why Openmoko is depending on gpsd anyway, at least at this stage.

Update: This should now be fixed. I’ll be rebuilding today’s build and making them available soon (busybox currently broken). Thanks go to Michael “mickeyl” Lauer…


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February 13, 2008 14:23


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  1. C.M on February 13, 2008 15:01

    I wonder too why this has been broken for several days now. Why doesn’t anyone check in that python-ncurses.bb file?

  2. Mickey on February 13, 2008 18:21

    Should be fixed now.

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