3D logs and super-bad-karambas

17 years ago, mid-October | Leave a Comment

Over the last couple of days I’ve been trying out a series of applications, the two are just a bit of fun really although I suppose they could be a little useful. Earlier this week I had been messing about with SuperKaramba which I eventually removed after it decided it was going to delete some files after I’d modified them, fixing a couple of bugs. The concept of SuperKaramba is fairly sound, I just worry about why I suddenly lost an entire plugin folder for it. Maybe it didn’t like my modifications, I’ll never know. I also noticed that my cpu usage never went below 30% – It had to go, but it was at least interesting to have a look at and it did introduce me to a bit of Python, something I’ve been avoiding looking at for some time now. I haven’t got anything against Python, it’s just yet another language I’m going to have to learn, along with Ruby – but I have no idea what the ‘on Rails’ bit is about, I’m assuming it’s similar to LAMP, although I prefer it in its xampp form.

Gltail is a little Ruby application that allows you to look at your logs in 3d. I know it’s not very ‘linux shell’ but it is fun to see. You also get a good idea of which files, images etc are attracting the most attention. A stream of spheres spits out from each client or server.

gltail example

The sphere’s get bigger and smaller depending on a number of factors, but generally the amount of traffic . There are a number of plugins available for it to allow the monitoring of things like apache logs, or mysql queries. The thing I liked most was that it connects to remote servers over ssh and can use keys. There are a couple of flash movies on the gltail page, one showing when the author was ‘slashdotted’. Gltail is a Ruby application, so it’s another opportunity for learning what I’m going to start calling YAFL – Yet Another F&%$ing Language. I enjoyed throwing a few logs at it to see how well it managed, but could never really compare to the author’s ‘slashdotting’.


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October 20, 2007 10:46


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